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How To Do A Creative Home Workout With No Equipment

How To Do A Creative Quarantine At Home Workout with No Equipment

Gym's closed? No problem! Try these fun outdoor training ideas on your next quarantine walk. It's time to get creative!

Today I wanted to address the question many of you have been asking me on Instagram lately, regarding what are some good home workout ideas during the quarantine when the gyms are closed and you have no equipment.

Transcript: Welcome back to the Christopher Walker channel. I'm doing this new series called Dear Chris that I think you're all gonna like all you gotta do is leave a question for me on my Instagram account or on YouTube.

And I'm going to look through all the questions and I'll be answering all of your questions, uh, in a quick, easy format so everyone can get the information On this episode of, dear Chris, I'd been getting actually a lot of questions on my Instagram account lately, especially the fact that a lot of, almost the entire world right now is quarantined and needs home workouts, especially home bodyweight workouts.

Some of my favorite workouts are pull ups, muscle up, and front lever. I've been getting this question about what creative home workout ideas, uh, that I recommend and you know, I'm, I'm in the same boat as everyone else.

The gyms are closed. We gotta get creative right now.

So what I did is I went on a few walks and I shot some video footage of some creative ideas using exactly what I just walked up on. Like I didn't plan it. I just was walking around like found the gate park, uh, allege all sorts of stuff that you can use if you start to see the world a little more creatively as you're going on your quarantine walking.

So hopefully this is a helpful video. Uh, let me know in the comments below. Any other dear Chris questions that you have? Do you have questions? I'm gonna start doing the series where we're answering your questions. Leave a comment below or over on my Instagram and I'll get to your question. Hit the like button, subscribe and I'll see you on the next episode.

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